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BlackBerry is focused on putting “the smart in the smartphone,” leveraging our strengths in state-of-the-art software and security solutions. Soon, licensing will further expand the options for BlackBerry-branded devices, security, and productivity software to a wider, worldwide audience. 

DTEK60 is ideal for enterprises and organizations looking to deploy devices to manage the security and productivity of their data and employees. It offers best-in-class security for enterprise customers with flagship specs – but at a lower price tier than most flagship phones – to help power productivity and security for users and enterprises.

Secure From the Start

Our expertise in secure mobile communications and software engineering has made the Android OS more secure, more responsive, and more productive.

Like our first two secure Android devices, PRIV and DTEK50, DTEK60 has device security built in from the start. Our manufacturing process makes use of a unique technique known as the Hardware of Trust, which adds security keys to the chipsets inside the DTEK60 to prevent the device from being spoofed or counterfeited. Our Secure Bootloader uses multi-stage verification to ensure that the Android OS hasn’t been tampered with, in order to protect business data against hackers rooting the device. We also harden Android to make things more difficult for attackers, protect all data stored on the DTEK60 with FIPS 140-2 encryption, and offer the DTEK APP to monitor and fix privacy violations.

DTEK60 also features our new BlackBerry Fingerprint Sensor for added security and convenience when unlocking the device, accessing the Password Keeper app, and making purchases, including with Android Pay. You can save up to five different fingerprints for ultimate convenience.

Productive, Responsive Employees

You don’t want your employees to feel like their work phone is second-rate. In order for a secure device to truly shine, people have to want to use it. That’s why DTEK60 contains a number of software and hardware innovations that make it a great fit for both enterprise and personal use.


  • he DTEK app offers total control over user privacy by enabling users to monitor the OS and apps for unauthorized use.
  • A powerful, 3,000 mAh battery provides enough power to withstand up to 24 hours of mixed use.
  • The BlackBerry Hub is an irreplaceable productivity tool, consolidating all emails, texts, calendar, social media, and phone calls into a unified inbox.
  • The BlackBerry Calendar offers the best out-of-the-box calendar experience on Android, with automatic dial-in for meetings and robust scheduling alerts.
  • The BlackBerry Convenience Key provides quick, easy access to your most-used applications, tasks, and more.
  • A stunning 5.5-inch scratch-and-smudge resistant Quad HD display sports an incredible pixel density of 534 PPI and four times the pixels on a standard HDTV.
  • BlackBerry’s Intelligent Keyboard learns how a user types and provides word suggestions that increase typing speed and accuracy in up to three languages of their choice.
  • An 8 MP selfie cam and 21 MP rear camera offer dazzling photo quality, with features including Phase Detection Auto Focus and a dual-tone LED flash to capture blur-free, realistic photos, even in low light.
  • Gesture controls allow for greater ease of navigation and can be customized for greater ease of use.
  • Device Search and Instant Actions allow a user to execute commands through the search bar, without having to seek out or open an application.
  • Expandable memory up to 2TB via the Micro SD slot ensures that users will never run out of space, and can download, install, capture, and share as their needs evolve.  

In short, DTEK60 makes life easier and more enjoyable for your employees both within the workplace and without – and makes them more productive as a result.

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