AA - Compact Universal Aux. Cable Selfie Stick - No Charging or Set up Required!

  • $ 5.99

Featuring a built-in aux cable, just plug it into your headphone jack; it easily connects to your smartphone and takes great selfies at the touch of a button. Features on selfie stick include: 270 degree rotational capability, shutter button, 2.6 foot extendable arm, holder to accommodate devices up to 3 ½ inches wide and turn knobs to secure the position of holder. Please note: this item works with iPhones and most Android phones.

Never requires charging or Syncing with your phone.  Fast and Simple way to take pictures and pack away for the next time you might need it. Expands to 32" and retracts to a compact 7.5 inches long.  Supports any phone up to 3.5 inches wide.  Will work will all Android and iPhone devices.  Multiple colors to choose from!!