Retractable Wall Charger

LG Tribute Royal Retractable Micro USB Wall Charger with Rapid Recoil

  • $ 6.99

Charge your smartphone in minimal time with the Cellet Home & Wall Charger. Providing 6Watt (1.2Amp) of power, this car charger is the perfect on-the-go power source for your device. Equipped with a retractable 2 ½ foot long cord, at the push of a button the cord quickly retracts - leaving no tangled mess. With the retractable feature, folding blades and small compact design this charger is easy to store. Featuring internal smart IC chip technology, the charger will not overcharge your device. Compatible to any micro USB supported devices.
- Small, compact design
- Provides 6Watt (1.2Amp) of power
- 2 ½ foot retractable cord and folding blades
- Features smart IC chip technology to prevent overcharging
- Compatible to any micro USB supported device